About me



Hello, I'm Anneeka (most people call me Anni). I’m guessing that you came across this page because we’ve met, you’ve read the dadima’s cookbook, tried our panjiri, or attended one of our cookery classes? It’s lovely to meet you (virtually).

I created dadima’s with a vision to celebrate the food stories of grandparents, and bring together different generations whilst doing do.

When I'm not working on dadima’s projects, I love to be out in nature, going for long walks, and exploring new scenic areas. I'm a very active and energetic person, but when it comes to exercise regimes in a gym, I'm pretty useless at sticking to them! I prefer to exercise through group classes and grounding activities like yoga, pilates and dancing. 

Food is one of the greatest pleasures in my life, so I take every opportunity to try new cuisines, and make an effort to nose around back-street gems if I'm out and about. I enjoy eating out, but growing up, home-made food was always presented as the better (and healthier) option. Gatherings around a home-cooked meal are always the best.

I have a serious weakness for cheese, and my husband proposed to me over a cheese fondue!  I've never dieted, as my grandparents and parents encouraged my sister and I to eat everything in moderation growing up. It's worked for us. I also believe in the healing properties of certain ingredients (mainly because my grandparents raised me on Ayurvedic principles), and select my food carefully whilst indulging a little too.  

If you've followed any of my blogs, you'll know that I used to live in Spain as part of my university degree in languages. I come to life when I speak Spanish, and miss being immersed in the language, music and culture.

I'm a family girl at heart. I don't know if this could be classified as a hobby, but spending time with my loved ones has to be up there. I could not run dadima's without the help of my kind family, who completely embody the dadima's values. It's without a doubt, they are my adopted team! 

Travelling is so important to me, not least because I get to explore new cultures, but also because it's an education in itself. Growing up, I've been lucky that my parents have taken my sister and I to different parts of the world - some of my favourite holidays include Egypt, Thailand, India and, of course, my study time in Spain. Meeting new people and observing new cultures, was actually what inspired me to make dadima's a global concept, relating to grandparents all around the world. There is so much of the world that I have yet to explore, and South America is on my bucket list.  

On a slightly geekier note (and I was the school geek!), I love to edit writing and play with words. I can happily sit and edit a piece of work, cosy up on the sofa with a cuppa, and feel like I'm in my element. It does help that I studied English Literature and Spanish, and that my mum and I share a love for stories and writing.

 So, there we are. I'm no one special - I'm an ordinary girl who loves family, food and life's simple pleasures.