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Dadima’s school workshops

We offer bespoke cookery workshops and author workshops to schools, tailoring content to school objectives and priorities, as well as National Curriculum aims.

Our style of teaching and our workshop themes are embedded in dadima's brand values of learning through doing, sharing food stories, respecting others, and enjoying the creative process of cooking from scratch.

Throughout our workshops, we create a respectful environment where children are encouraged to ask questions and develop their own ideas.

To book your school’s bespoke workshop, please e-mail anneeka@dadimas.co.uk


Anneeka provided a veritable feast of entertainment for our pupils who were enthralled by her anecdotes, zest for life and her knowledge of her recipes.
All the pupils are looking forward to a return visit and maybe a practical session of her cooking, combined with anecdotal experiences of life. Thank you for brightening up our day.

— Head of English, St Andrew’s Prep School, Pangbourne
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“We were delighted to work with Dadima’s team in launching and running our ‘Family Foodie Friday’ events. Different cultures across our diverse school shared a heritage dish special to their family. This acknowledged their family identity within a school and class, and parents could learn from other families. Anni and Geeta ensured that the heritage food was a catalyst for much wider discussion and discovery about family traditions and histories, and also ways in which heritage food ‘connects generations’ through opening up discussions. The food being delicious was just an extra benefit to all the learning opportunities. We were not too sure how this would go, but are so glad that we took the risk and invited them. Dadima’s message is more relevant than ever in these fractured times, and their celebration of grandparents’ food and roles, can bring people together in special ways. Thank you Geeta and Anni”
— Head teacher, Maple Cross School (Duncan Roberts)

Author workshop themes:

  • Crafting writing over time: small steps and daily writing

  • Writing for an audience & purpose

  • Catalysts for creative thinking: languages/ spaces/ cultural & social landscape

  • Overcoming writer’s block

  • Risk-taking: follow your dreams and believe

  • Resilience: setbacks are part of the journey

  • Writing for pleasure: it's good for the soul

  • Thinking business & enterprise

Cookery workshop themes:

  • Hands-on cooking

  • Food provenance

  • Appreciation for food properties and nutrition

  • Discussions around food memories & stories

  • Creative writing activities

  • Mindfulness around cooking

  • Reflecting on the food stories and dishes of grandparents’ & elders

  • Developing an appreciation for world cuisine and multicultural flavours