Home-cooking with Anneeka 


Please contact me by e-mailing anneeka@dadimas.co.uk to discuss your tailored package and prices. If you wish to gift someone the experience, why not buy them some gift vouchers. My courses are great for beginners and those new to Indian cooking.


Why dadima's cookery classes?

I created the dadima’s brand to share culinary knowledge passed down from elders. I want you to have a go at cooking  a dadima's style dish in the comfort of your own home, and experience the nostalgic warmth of family soul food.

In a dadima’s cookery workshop, my aim is to share the dishes that I have learnt from my elders, whilst also personalising the cooking to fit your lifestyle and personal tastes. For me, there is nothing worse than having a stack of recipes which look great on paper, but are not accessible in reality. I want you to leave our cookery session feeling confident to waltz into a supermarket, buy the ingredients, and replicate those very dishes in your own home.

I literally fell into cookery workshops, and they were never part of my plan. I have dadima’s book readers and foodie event customers to thank for this avenue. After my book release, I did quite a few live food demos and events, and people started to request cookery classes. I gave them a whirl and loved it. I’m a passionate home cook, who loves eating traditional Indian food, and I love hosting intimate food gatherings. My cooking is the ever-evolving product of what I have learnt from my two talented grandmothers (my dadima and nanima) and my mother growing up. It is also influenced by the research I have conducted with dadimas across the UK, feeding into my memoir cookbook. I am grateful to all the wonderful dadimas who have been part of my journey, as they have helped to shape how I cook today.

Growing up, I learnt to cook from my dadima’s cookery style workshops, as I grew up in an extended family in Hounslow. Dadima and my mum, very much promoted a hands-on learning approach, from shopping for ingredients, to cooking over great conversation and music.  It didn’t feel like a class at all, as it was fun and a bonding experience. As a girl, I always wanted to be part of the adult group, and I knew that all the juicy chit-chat took place in the kitchen.

In a dadima’s style cookery workshop, you will cook with me, and I’ll hold your hand through each stage. I encourage you to take photos as a reminder of the stages. Before coming on my workshop, I’ll ask you for some details so that the session really meets your needs. We’ll cook to the beat of different music, and have lots of fun in the process. 

To summarise, what can you expect from a dadima’s cookery class?



Dadima’s style is all about home-cooking, based on the tastes of an Indian family eating at home. So, if you're looking for restaurant-style, or British curry house dishes, this is not what dadima’s is about. I adopt a mindful approach to cooking, just like my dadima. Her approach is tried and tested, and always tastes the best!


The dishes I will be sharing are of North Indian Punjabi influence.


Currently, my cooking classes are for individuals, or for two-three people max. They are held in my family kitchen as that is where I feel at home and have everything to hand. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in, as dadima’s style is very much learning through a fun, hands-on approach. Workshop times will vary from 3-4 hours, depending on the types of dishes being cooked. My approach is very personalised, so that you leave feeling confident to have a go independently.


Every dadima that I have met, shares the importance of three key things: the infallible technique of making a good quality masala base (or tharka); knowing how to cook the key dishes which compose a staple dinner party, and finally, cooking with love and 100% attention to quality and taste. The dish categories include, but are not limited to: a lentil dish, a rice/bread dish, a vegetable dish (subji), a meat dish (optional), a yoghurt accompaniment and a dessert. I will share my key kitchen spices with you, and explain how to use them. The dishes themselves are based on, but not at all limited to, the dadima’s cookbook.


As we cook together, I will share tips on how I batch-cook & prepare ahead to save time. A lot of these tips are from my busy mum and nanima (nan), who believe that home-made food is always the best.


Dadima's memoir cookbook sells at £19.95 in shops, and on Amazon. As part of my cooking class, you will receive a signed copy for free.