Watch this space for dadima's introductions. 

Find a good man, Anneeka. He must have a pure heart, be understanding, faithful and respectful to you, and also to his elders. Money is not the most important thing - that comes later with skills, a hard work ethic and persistence.
— my dadima
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Anyone can find a partner. It’s maintaining a long-term relationship which is the hard work. Everyone is lovely in the first year. The real test is four, five years down the line, after you’ve experienced a few ups and downs. Know the difference between true love, which is long lasting, takes hard work, and survives both sorrows and joys, and the love which only lasts for two minutes.
— my dadima

Dadima's introductions is a free, exclusive service. I will be hosting supper club style events, to connect single people face-to-face, over delicious home-cooked food.

This service was inspired by my British Indian upbringing, where I often saw elders play a role in orchestrating meet-ups, between two people that they suspected may be compatible. The wise elder would be someone who had a genuine interest in getting people together, by scoping a potential partner, based on his/ her family values, personality and a range of other factors. Essentially, there was some sort of casual 'vetting' process to increase the odds of two people getting along, followed by an informal 'introduction'.  

This is very different to 'arranged' marriages, as commonly described in the media. Instead, I have taken inspiration from family introductions, and noted their benefits when done properly. The introduction is not attached to any pressure, but merely a way of putting people on each other's radar, to see if a relationship may blossom. 

Being a 26-year-old girl who is all too familiar with how 'busy' life can get, I am conscious that people of my generation don't always have the opportunity to meet potential partners, because work life just takes over. Dadima's is about connecting generations, and preserving some of the values of old ways: face-to-face meet-ups as opposed to online dating apps. People can be very different in person, to their online presence.    

I have shared some quotes above from my own dadima, and those of you who have read my book, may recognise them. Many of the dadimas that I have met, shared precious nuggets of wisdom with me, on love and relationships. My aim is to bring together single people, looking to meet future partners, in an informal setting. My family and I will draw on our collective experience of dadima's style questions surrounding:

  • trust
  • respect
  • shared values and interests

Please note: All applicants who would like to be registered on the dadima's database, will be interviewed via questionnaire, and all data will be confidential. Whilst I will not be charging for the database service, there will be a charge for each supper club event.