Dadima’s mindful cooking with little chefs

We are super excited to share details of our next children’s workshop which will be held during the Easter holidays of 2019.

Introducing ‘Dadima’s mindful cooking with little chefs’. We will be hosting an exclusive, one-day cookery workshop, engaging children with hands-on cooking activities in a safe, clean and nurturing environment. We have two dates available for this workshop to accommodate different age groups.

Do have a read of the information below for a flavour of what we offer within this workshop.


To book, please e-mail

Thursday 11th April (Ages 5 - 8)

Friday 12th April (Ages 9 - 12 years)

Terms & conditions apply. Spaces are limited.

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Dadima’s is inspired by loving grandmothers (and grandfathers) with years of culinary and life experience. They take time to source quality ingredients, prepare food ‘in the present moment’, and cook with their children’s nourishment in mind.

At dadima’s, we celebrate cooking as a creative process to unwind and escape the ‘busyness’ and stresses of everyday life.

Dr Geeta Ludhra (PhD) will lead a series of mindfulness activities throughout the day.

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WORKSHOP teachers

Anneeka is the founder of dadima's food & lifestyle brand and author of dadima's cookbook.

Anneeka has had a lifelong passion for heritage cooking, inspired by her grandmothers. Through her cookbook research, where she interviewed dadimas across the UK, she has a wealth of culinary secrets to share.

Anneeka runs cookery events across the UK inspired by the grandmothers who have been part of dadima’s journey. She has spoken regularly on BBC radio, sharing heritage food stories, rooted in grandparents' wisdom. To read more about Anneeka and why she created dadima’s, click here.

Dr Geeta Ludhra (PhD) has extensive experience of teaching across primary and secondary schools - specialising in English language, creative writing and drama education. Geeta works as a governor in two primary schools.

Geeta has worked in university education for 13 years.

Geeta is a passionate vegetarian foodie who has been cooking from a very young age, taught by her parents and mother-in-law. She supports dadima’s food, educational events, and marketing. Her favourite Indian foods are saag, paneer dishes and aloo gobi. 



Our style of teaching and learning is embedded in dadima's brand values of learning through doing, sharing food stories, and enjoying the creative process of cooking from scratch. The day will be fun, relaxed and interactive.

We will be teaching through a combination of cookery demonstrations and mostly hands-on learning. Throughout the day, we will create a respectful environment where children will be encouraged to ask questions and develop their own ideas.

At all times, we will carefully supervise and support the little chefs.

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This is subject to change, and a guide only.

  • Kichdi – a traditional, heartwarming dish made with basmati rice, lentils, and soft spices, rooted in Ayurvedic principles.

  • Aloo parathas: a quintessential stuffed chapatti bread - the perfect weekend brunch. This should be fun and very messy!

  • Raita – a cooling yogurt accompaniment, garnished and styled creatively.

  • Rainbow side salad.

  • Cheeky chocolate ladoos – a healthy twist on this celebratory sweet. The perfect way to finish our workshop!

Note: If your child is vegan, or has other dietary needs, we will plan alternative dishes/ingredients through discussion.

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price & DETAILS

The price of a one day dadima’s workshop is £55 per child, a highly competitive introductory rate.

Timings are from 9am until 15:30pm at dadima’s kitchen near Windsor /Heathrow (address provided upon booking).

Please click on the button below to read our terms & conditions prior to booking.

© A dadima’s workshop designed by Dr Geeta Ludhra (PhD) and Anneeka Ludhra

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  • A full day cookery class with a difference, conducted in a 5-star food hygiene rated kitchen.

  • Two course teachers with both educational and culinary expertise.

  • A workshop that responds and builds on your child's prior cooking experiences (you will be e-mailed a pre-attendance form to complete, after booking your place).

  • One hour of foodie creative writing and reflection, based on the class content.

  • Lunch and beverages - we will eat what we've cooked together, and talk about the dishes. You will be asked to complete a form for dietary requirements.

  • Basic introduction to food hygiene and safety.

  • Discussions around food nutrition.

  • Equipment, ingredients and aprons provided for use during class.

  • Hands-on cooking experience of heritage Indian food, celebrating dishes which have been passed down through generations (we will lightly spice to suit children, of course).

  • Photos (with your written consent and permission). We will e-mail your child's photos to you after the workshop.

  • Creative food styling. We will encourage the children to do their own food styling, rather than dictate our style.

  • Dadima’s workshop certificate for your child (presented at the end of the day).

  • Most importantly, it will be a day of enjoyment and fun, with global music to spice up the day!



By the end of the workshop, your child will have learnt about:

  • Hands-on cooking of some traditional dadima’s recipes.

  • Spices we cook with at dadima’s.

  • Food provenance. The joy and benefits of seeing raw ingredients be transformed into a delicious dish.

  • Food appreciation and gratitude through mindfulness activities.

  • Cooking in a small team.