Our Journey

Dadima’s humble journey started in 2015, when our family desire to connect generations led to the publication of an Indian cookery book, celebrating grandmothers’ lifestories and personal recipes. We created a Youtube channel to share heritage recipes and stories, and parts of this journey featured on national radio, T.V, social media and face-to-face cookery events with leading chefs across the U.K. As part of this heritage food journey, we were invited to national cooking events at food festivals, delivered free Dadima’s cooking workshops across schools, delivered children’s and adults’ cookery workshops, as well as launching heritage food products, one which received a Great Taste Award. Food was and still is an important part of Dadima’s journey, as the stories around grandmothers’ recipes connect people in nostalgic ways.

Around Covid-19, Dadima’s focus shifted towards building a deeper community focus in outdoor spaces through walking. Our move towards to the countryside inspired a different focus, and also our interest in maintaining a healthier lifestyle as we get older, and inspire younger generations. There are various reasons for disparities in health issues for different ethnic groups, and some of these include heart disease, diabetes and other issues. Developing a more active outdoor and community focused lifestyle, supports conversations to build new knowledge.