Grandactions is a dadima's campaign to connect generations.

I created the grandactions campaign in 2017 with the aim of inspiring young people to spend quality time with their elders, and vice versa. I came up with the word grandactions whilst I was working in my office pod in the garden. I was thinking of something fun I could plan for National Grandparents' Day, and found that it wasn't really working for me.

I wanted to plan regular events which wouldn't be confined to one day of the year. Dadima's is about celebrating the wisdom of our elders all year round, and my aim is bring generations together over the universal language of food, as opposed to commercialised gifts on one day of the year. So I took the 'grand' from grandparents and decided that this campaign would celebrate not just grandparents but any other 'grand' elders who play a significant role in a young person's life. A grandaction would be the action of spending quality time with the 'grand' elder in one's life (it could be a grandparent, but could also be a parent, aunty, uncle etc...). Now that's something to celebrate. 

Most of the dadimas I have interviewed, have lit up when talking about the quality time they spend with their grandchildren. Through my upbringing in the extended family and cookbook journey, I've seen the uniting power of food, cooking, and stories, in bringing generations together effortlessly. 

On a more serious note, grandactions was inspired by my aim to tackle loneliness and social isolation in whatever way I could. I appreciate that this is a mental health issue which can affect both the elder and younger communities.  

So grandactions works on two levels: bringing together strangers of different generations in a community, and strengthening family bonds.  


Get involved

2018 marks the second year of dadima's campaign. The theme is 'Cooking conversations' about heritage food which talks to you. If you cook with your 'grand' elder and want to inspire others to do the same, then upload your photo to social media using #grandactions2. To find out how you can get involved, have a read of my blog here and follow dadima's on instagram and facebook (scroll to the bottom of the page for links).

If you're a parent, why not download the free grandactions children's pack to interview an elder? 

I also organise grandactions community walks to bring people together in the community and everyone is welcome. For 2018 dates, have a look at my blog above. To organise your own and become an ambassador, contact me on