Dadima's values

Dadima's brand values are inspired by my dadima, along with key family values I have been raised on by my parents. The family values below also reflect my attitude to life, so I want to share them with you. 


Dadima's recipes and products are based on simple and accessible ingredients. How else can I connect generations, if my recipes and products are too complicated to pass on? My two dadimas (grandmothers) came from humble roots, as did other dadimas in my journey. They cooked delicious food, resourcefully, using the produce available. The dadima's belief is that cooking a good quality meal at home need not be expensive. 



Respect for ones elders and fellow people. This is a family value which I learnt from a very early age. As part of my Indian upbringing, I appreciated how the Punjabi language has different words for addressing elders, and that culturally, some people still touch the feet of their elders to acknowledge the respect they have for their wisdom and to receive their blessings. I grew up in a family where intergenerational households were normal, because there was a sense of duty to look after one's elders and reciprocate the love they have shown. Dadima's was inspired by respect for wisdom. This is why every blog and recipe which is passed down from an elder, also aims to celebrate the story of that elder. 



I chose dadima's as my brand name, because it meant a stamp of guaranteed quality.  My dadima chooses to cook with the best quality ingredients she can afford, because she knows it's going to feed the ones she loves. Equally, she has always taught me to carry out each task to the best of my ability, as it shows in the results. This is the work ethic of dadima's. 



No personal relationship or business relationship can function without trust. Dadima's is about keeping it simple, and trust is fundamental. Just like I trust the love poured into my dadima's cooking, I want the same to be felt by my readers and dadima's customers. 



 Dadima's exists to bring different generations together over good quality food. When gathering and sharing foodie wisdom, I also want to create opportunities for people to connect, face-to-face - whether that's existing family members, friends, or neighbours in a community.  I believe that intergenerational bonds are valuable and that a lot can be learnt both ways. I created dadima's grandactions campaign with issues like social isolation and loneliness in mind.  If I can inspire young people to spend quality time with their 'grand' elders, it could benefit both parties.