Dadima’s is a heritage food & lifestyle brand inspired by my grandmother (dadima). My mission with dadima’s is to create legacies for grandmothers (and grandfathers) who wish to share their culinary knowledge and life wisdom.

Sharing foodie wisdom all started with dadima's cookbook. And my book is based on this belief: that the ability to create quality, heartwarming, and delicious food, comes with culinary and life experience.

And where do I find that culinary and life experience? I look to my elders. I interview grandmothers, and other elders with such wisdom.   I share what I have learnt through my blog, social media pages, products and services. 

With every product that I share, I want it to be heartwarming. That means, that I want you to enjoy it as if your very own dadima (or special elder), made it for you with love. With every dadima's recipe that I share, I want you to be able to recreate it so that it's delicious, good quality - to dadima's standard. For this reason, I do my best to gather age-old culinary secrets from from wise cooks. I then experiment with their dishes and techniques, to come up with the most accessible recipe to suit busy cooks like me.   

Dadima’s products and services are based on the belief that a dadima’s number one priority is the wellbeing and health of her family, without compromising on quality (even when resources are limited). In our fast-paced, busy lives, dadima’s exists to celebrate heartwarming, quality, home-cooked food. The dadima’s products that I'm developing, are based on secret recipes which were not typically shared outside of the family home – so they may be new to many.